embfilm.com is the film production company, created by Eva-Maria Berger in 2013.  embfilm is a creative multi-faceted media company, created by Eva-Maria Berger in 2013, with a focus on documentary series, docu soap series, feature documentaries, industrial films, commercials, and other special venue projects for clients. Development and production of factual entertainment for networks, the industry and independent businesses are our core talent.

Eva-Maria Berger is a seasoned director / producer with a passion for visual excellence, innovative thinking, creativity, and the human mind. My award-winning experience includes directing commercials, documentaries and series for international TV networks such as ORF, 3sat, RAI, Ovations, HBO, TV-Center and Star World. She has spent years getting to know the media industry inside and out, working as Line Producer for ORF in Brussels a marketing expert for an international radio station, an editor for prime time shows, and production manager for fiction series. She has developed and financed several factual series for 3sat. She has produced several award-winning documentaries.

Her passion is to develop and produce programming attracting audiences and exceeding expected audience shares. In many hours of producing and directing programming for TV stations around the world she has always focused on the importance of the relationship between the product and the viewer.